Shipping is estimated by weight via UPS. Orders under $50 are $20 to ship. RTD and Perishables are only available for home deliveries in select regions. Click here for details.

Shipping Information

When checking out, the shipping is estimated by UPS, but is subject to change based on delivery method detailed below:

Long Beach, LakewoodSeal BeachLos Alamitos, and Rossmor home deliveries

Shipping is estimated with UPS. If you are in Long Beach, Lakewood, Seal Beach, Los Alamitos, or Rossmor, we will edit your shipping charge to reflect the below rates:

Order Size: $0 - $50

Order Size: $50 +

 $20 shipping and handling fee

$9 shipping and handling fee


Only these regions will be able to order RTD Beverages, perishables, etc (labeled SoCal Home Delivery Only).

For all other regions and states: 

We will be shipping orders via UPS based off of the weight of the items ordered. Items that cannot be shipped via UPS (ie. RTD Beverages and Chilled Products) will be refunded if ordered. 

We will reach out if changes to your order or shipping method are required.

For any questions, please email