What areas are you offering home delivery of groceries to?

At this time, we are offering home delivery in the areas of Long Beach, Seal Beach, Lakewood and Los Alamitos/Rossmoor.

For all other CA cities and states, we will ship orders via UPS. Unfortunately, this will cause select items to be unavailable (ie. RTD Beverages, Dairy Products, Breads, and Chilled Products). These items have been made unavailable or will be refunded if ordered. If you find there are no shipping options when checking out, verify that you do not have perishable or liquid items in your order.


When can I expect my home delivery?

Products are delivered between 8am and 4pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays to select neighborhoods. If you have any questions, send us an email at


Can I choose a delivery window?

Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee a delivery window due to highly dynamic and irregular ordering patterns of customers. This flexibility will allow us to make home deliveries efficient for our drivers and to deliver to as many residences as possible.  Grocery delivery is highly inefficient and unprofitable unless orders can be concentrated by both geography and delivery time. Delivery hours will be 8am-4pm.


What is the delivery process?

In an effort to reduce exposure and maintain social-distancing, our drivers will NOT enter anyone’s home.  We will also not leave deliveries in public view on a doorstep to prevent theft.  When our driver arrives at your home, they will honk their horn to get your attention.  We ask that you meet our driver at your door while maintaining the recommended social distancing guidelines at the time.  Our driver will place your order on the ground for you to inspect and take possession of. 

We will only deliver orders without in-person acceptance upon explicit instruction in the checkout window and in these cases the customer assumes all liability for damage or theft that may occur after the delivery is made.  You can provide us your phone number if you want to be called when the driver is at your home.


Can I return products?

No.  For the safety of all of our customers and employees, products may not be returned for credit or exchanged.  However, if a product that is delivered is immediately found to be defective or unsafe for consumption, contact us at right away with a picture of the issue and we will issue a credit.


Why are your prices higher than the grocery store?

The service we are providing involves a higher level of communication and coordination with our customers.  We are not using automated tools to limit human interaction.  These features are more costly to use but are valued by certain clients.  Grocery delivery is notorious for being unprofitable to the businesses that operate in the space.  This is primarily driven by large, multi-national corporations vying for market share while attempting to shape consumer behavior through increased online shopping.  Amazon and Wal-Mart are the leading companies driving this change – these companies can afford to accept financial losses through unsustainable pricing practices while they build their business.  We cannot compete with these giants on price.  However, we can beat them on reliability, communication, and customer-satisfaction.  We will only commit to offering products and services that we know we can deliver reliably and effectively….and at a small profit.  We’re your neighbors and we’re trying to meet a need and keep local employees at work.


Why don’t you have everything the grocery store has?

Our primary line of business is delivering consumables to professional workplaces that do not have commercial kitchens.  As such, the foundation of our product line includes primarily shelf-stable products.  Our home delivery selection is determined by the most commonly consumed items - staple products.  We do this to ensure the freshness standards.  As the demand for certain products increases, we will be able to expand our product offerings.  If you have suggestions for items we should carry, please send us a suggestion at 


How can I trust your company to handle my groceries?

We have been a local business operating in Southern California for over 40 years delivering to some of Southern California's top employers.  Many of you may have unknowingly used our products at your office.  We buy from many of the same suppliers that stock your local grocery stores.  During this time of crisis, we are repurposing our employees and fleet (the same people that work with leading businesses) to help provide individuals a means of purchasing their groceries safely.  In short, we think that the credibility and reputation we’ve established in our 40+ years of successful and untarnished B2B business transactions can reassure homeowners in knowing that they are in good hands with our company.


Why are you just now offering home delivery services?

We are offering this service in this critical time to help meet the needs of our friends, family, and neighbors.  We have access to fresh foods and we have the labor to make these deliveries.  We see the shortage of staple items online and in the grocery stores and understand the reluctance for people to buy groceries in person.  We are well positioned to do this on an interim basis if the demand exists.


What are you doing to protect your employees and customers from transmitting Covid-19?

It's critically important to protect the health and well being of our employees and customers.  Accordingly, our employees are issued face masks and gloves daily and are expected to wear them when interacting with the public or when working in confined spaces with other people.  We also ask them to abide by CDC guidelines such as social distancing, regular hand-washing, and avoiding touching their face.  Each driver has been provided with antibacterial wipes to disinfect contact surfaces. We also monitor employee health with temperature checks and ask employees that do not feel well or those that may have been exposed to someone that has not felt well to inform us and to stay home.